Duotive Full-Width slideshowChange the slideshow's positionLet the images talk for themselves!Dynamic image resizing
  • Duotive Full-Width slideshow

    Enhance your website with our new and improved full-width slideshow! Packed with lots of features and customization options, this slideshow will give your website the necessary bump in quality and visual aesthetics.

  • Change the slideshow's position

    You can choose the slideshow's position: underneath the header or below it. If you want to have a full-width header, as well, place the slideshow below, it's really simple!

  • Let the images talk for themselves!

    If you don't want this description box, you can easily disable it with a few clicks! It's as simple as that!

    By the way, this slide will take you to our Tour shortcode page! Try it! Click the button below.

  • Dynamic image resizing

    There are too many computer screens to think about when cropping an image. That's exactly why we coded this slideshow to take care of that headache for you! Every monitor with any resolution will be taken care of if you choose so!

Hello and welcome to our demo website!

Duotive 5ive is our new WordPress theme! Feel free to browse and find out what it can offer.


We finally did it!

We have put a lot of effort in designing and developing it, hopefully you’ll find it useful! The demo website doesn’t do justice to the vast features it’s offering, but you can get an idea of what it can do!

High potential

Flexibility and customization were the main focus of this theme and along with good typography the end result represents the best of our work since we released our first theme.

Duotive admin Panel v3

But the fun doesn’t end here! Duotive Admin Panel v3 is our new and improved framework that holds tons of options and features, with a new user-friendly interface that makes everything easier!