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Duotive Keep for WordPress!

Duotive Keep is our first responsive WordPress theme. The main focus of this project was to offer a balanced experience between the desktop and the mobile platform. This has proved to be a challanging task, yet we think “Duotive Keep” meets our high standards regarding this aspect. For those of you who are familiar with our work, here’s a short list of the most important features that come with our new theme:

What’s new?

  • A quick and simple way of updating the theme (works like any other WordPress plugin), with notifications when a new version is released on Themeforest;
  • Responsive framework for cross-platform compatibility;
  • Intuitive navigation system for mobile devices;
  • New beautiful and improved slideshows that have been rewritten from scratch and optimized for the mobile and desktop platform;
  • Two new custom post-types: Services and Team;
  • Widgets can now be hidden at will to save important page space on mobile devices, reducing clutter and emphasizing useful information;
  • Overall better quality coding and styling;
  • Improvements on almost all the other existing components of the Duotive Admin Panel.
About Duotive

Duotive published their first Wordpress theme in August of 2010. Since then, they released six themes, breaking the boundaries with each release, packing them with more and more features that lead to great flexibility and style. Their ambition and attention to details sets them apart from the rest of the authors.

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    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris auctor orci ac orci euismod eget porta lectus mollis? Thanks!

    • Duotive

      Hey, Vivamus mattis porttitor nisl, condimentum rhoncus purus malesuada vitae. 😀

    • John Doe

      Quisque non felis tempus justo!

  2. Duotive

    You’re welcome!

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